Tokyo, Obama City, Fuji, Shizuoka
July 30th-August 11th

I had the most wonderful and productive tour in beautiful Japan. The culture and country is always kind, gracious and loving to me and my music. I share the true meaning of 'Aloha Spirit' with the people of Japan, and I am greatly appreciative for the gift and opportunity that I am given.

A very special gratitude to my 'Six Beauties'... Noriko, Kinuko, Hiroko, Michiko, Wakacha and Yumi. To the president and vice-president of my SK Fan Club-Japan, Hiroko and Wakacha, respectfully. To the Mayor of Obama City, Mr. Toshio Murakami, Obama Support Group Leader, Mr. Seiji Fujiwara, Forest Hills Manager, Eri Someya, Yoshimi Hidaka, Dr. Raymond K. Yoza, Dr. Akira Ikegawa, Kusunoki Ohana, Miwako Sasase (76.3 FM), Rumi Sohno and Staff (84.4 FM), Takeshi, Yuko, Go and everyone who helped make this tour incredibly successful!

Love, Aloha & Gratitude,

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