SCOTT KATSURA grew up in Hawaii on the island of Oahu before he relocated to New Jersey and became housemates with Evelyn Champagne King - the legendary r&b soul singer. Eventually, Scott decided it was in his best interest to live directly in the pulse of the music business, so he moved into Manhattan and continued to pursue his lifelong dream of working in the recording industry.

Living in the heartbeat of the Empire State, Scott found many golden opportunities of improving his skills as a pop vocalist, songwriter and music industry colleague. His first venture was networking his way into Prime Cuts Studio in Times Square, and collaborating with Mark Kamins, the veteran record producer that is most known for discovering Madonna. It was Mark that first placed Scott onto the 'music industry' map by producing his first pop/dance CD album titled, "Eruption". Tracks like "Penetration" received great praise from prominent music critics like Larry Flick of Billboard Magazine who wrote, "Katsura has a fine voice and writes great pop tunes."

"Supernatural" followed - his second CD with an adult contemporary/pop flavor. The album was produced by Grammy recipient Cynthia Daniels, and Tony "Thunder" Smith, whose notoriety most derives from being the core drummer for Lou Reed. The title-track "Supernatural" scored Scott a #1 single in the U.K for four consecutive weeks.

Latin-freestyle legend and producer Mickey Garcia of MicMac and 21st Century Records, and club dance producer/DJ Giuseppe D. of Hothead Productions used their funky beats to produce Scott’s club - dance - pop CD, “Family Jewel”, his third worldwide CD release. Scott made his mark with many club-goers as they pounded on dance floors with hit tracks like “Love & Sex”, “Single Tonight”, “Partygirl” and “Best Day Of My Life”.

On his fourth album, Scott took a shot at producing himself for the very first time. He was committed to and diligent about implementing his Hawaiian island roots into his professional work. Scott collaborated selectively with people who shared the same passion for "Aloha Miles Away", musical theatre singer/composer David Velarde and Grammy nominated jazz pianist/composer Martin Bejerano. "Aloha Miles Away" is the winner of 'Pop Album of the Year' at the 2005 Hawaii Music Awards.

Scott's CD, "Born This Way", was his fifth international recording. Showing the ability to produce a successful album on "Aloha Miles Away", once again, Scott had chosen to produce this adult contemporary - pop - dance - rock CD in collaboration with his musical partner, Martin Bejerano. Together, they created a lyrically 'humanistic' anthem CD that is musically crossing many borders. There was also some controversy about the CD's title when Lady GaGa had announced publicly that "Born This Way" would be the title of her forthcoming CD in 2011.

Currently, Scott has released his highly anticipated "Greatest Hits - Volume One" CD with great merit. The album contains 15 tracks taken from his "Eruption" "Supernatural" "Family Jewel" "Aloha Miles Away" "Born This Way" and his most recent "Heavenly Reign" CD-album.

Scott & Mark Kamins

Scott Katsura - Airtime Recording/NYC

Scott & Evelyn Champagne King



GREATEST HITS volume one •

Turn This World Around
Will You Love Me Back
In This Crowded House Alone

Slice Of Heaven
Love & Sex

Caught Up In The Rainbow
Flower Lei
I Hear You
Love Conquers All
Try'na Write A Song
Between The Laughter & The Tears
I'll Be Your Voice
Christmas At Rainbow Bridge

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Hello Airtime Recording,

What distinguishes Scott Katsura from many others who sing music from the USA is his sense of engagement. Instead of treating traditional songs as artifacts, he breathes new life into the music with caressing vocals and original lyrics and melodies. In all of his songs, you can feel the love Scott has to offer this world, for all humanity and cultures around the globe. Scott's engaging, mesmeric voice is a joy, and his ensemble knows how to add just the right flavor on every track. I've got every one of Scott's CD's, but hearing his Greatest Hits - Volume One compilation is like discovering Scott all over again!

With Love & Respect,
Louis C.

Scott's Greatest Hits album is radio pop friendly, but still manages to speak with heart and soul and universal depth for listeners of all types and ages."
• Bill Wright, Music Critic

Scott Katsura
is an international award winning recording artist and songwriter that fills the gaps between all genres. With his Greatest Hits release, people will be reminded about Scott's heartfelt voice!
• Micah Kushner, Radio Personality

Scott's Greatest Hits is an international anthem for the global listener, the ones who will follow their own drumbeat in life.
• Hillary Newton, Record Executive

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