Mahalo America
 Shakahula (Keep It Real)
 Where I Belong
 Caught Up In The Rainbow
 I Hear You
 Full Circles
 Love On The Beach
 Aloha Miles Away
 My Hawai’i
 Flower Lei
 Bird Of Paradise
 Tradewinds (Hula-la)
 Brother’s Got A Problem
 Kalikimaka (I Love Christmas)
 Beginnin’ With Me (Get The Funk)
 In My Heart I Know
 Shakahula (Sweet Okole Extended Remix)
 Where I Belong (Kimi Ga Irukara/Japanese)


2005 Semi-Finalists (Age 17 and below)
<excerpts from written essays>

KANOE KAHAKU - Sunnyvalle, California
Age: 8
"It is fun and I get to learn about my culture. I can meet a lot of friends in hula."

JENNIFER MATEO - Sunnyvalle, California
Age: 15
"The stories behind the dances are so well put together and it's your job to bring out what the story means through expression and movement."

CHRISTINA MESA - Mtn. View, California
Age: 13
"I understand that expressing yourself is not an easy task. Dancing helps me express how I feel without speaking."

SAVANNAH VASQUEZ - Mansfield, Texas
Age: 9
"Hula dancing is special to me because it makes me unique."

SKYLER VASQUEZ - Mansfield, Texas
Age: 11
"I enjoy hula dancing because it lets me escape from the real world and be who I want to be."



The semi-finalists for "Miss Lovely Hula Hands" and "Miss Keiki Hula Hands" have been selected! With more than 300 entries worldwide, Airtime Recording Company, Inc., Katsura Productions and Scott Katsura has selected the following contestants based on Hula Dancing Ability; Personal Choreography for the "Flower Lei" song; Written essay "I love dancing the hula because..."; Presentation; Costume; Creative Originality; and Motivational Passion.

The top winners (to be announced on Tuesday, May 31st, 2005) will capture the crown in two separate categories - "MISS LOVELY HULA HANDS 2005" (with special awards for second and third place) and "MISS KEIKI HULA HANDS 2005" (also with special awards for second and third place). The two grand prize winners will be featured in Scott's forthcoming "Flower Lei" music video (hula edition), appear in various live concerts, in addition to being awarded with a trophy and many prizes! All semi-finalists will be awarded with "Miss Hula Hands" certificates and gift baskets.

As the theme of Scott's current CD-album is simply titled "Aloha Miles Away", contestants' eligibility for entry was strictly granted from anywhere outside of the State of Hawai'i for the sole purpose of acknowledging all "foreigners" who are perpetuating the "Spirit of Aloha" while expressing it through the beauty and dance of Hula. All winners will be first announced on the Aloha Radio Network as broadcast by the world famous radio personality Aloha Joe. ARN maintains the largest radio audience in the world of Hawaiian music.

Congratulations to EVERYONE who entered this contest, as well, to ALL the amazing semi-finalists who may soon become our next "Miss Lovely Hula Hands 2005" and "Miss Keiki Hula Hands 2005". Best wishes and MAHALO NUI LOA for your hard work, dedication and passion for dancing the beautiful HULA!

2005 Semi-Finalists (Age 18 and over)
<excerpts from written essays>

Age: 34
"Hula is beautiful and it is my life."

ANTONIA DAVIS - Sunnyvalle, California
Age: 18
"Without hula in my life, I don't think that I would have made it this far in life."

KAU'I KAHAKU - Sunnyvalle, California
Age: 31
"I feel so passionately about the hula, and truly believe that it is a way of living ones life."

FRANCES CLAIRE PRICE - Ferndale, Michigan
Age: 67
"I love dancing the hula because it is such a beautiful way to express my Aloha Spirit - the essence of my being."

Age: 34
"I think the hula gives us the opportunity to express our hidden feelings about the life, the nature and the love."

Age: 41
"Hula makes me a better person; it brings me closer to God, and has allowed me to share myself with other people."

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