Each month, Scott personally handpicks a loyal and deserving fan who has made an impact on Scott's life or career. In great appreciation for the continuous contributions of devoted support, each monthly winner is awarded with an "Aloha Miles Away" CD; 8x10 Autographed Glossy Photo; $20 in cash for a lunch on Scott's tab; in addition, a personal e-mail from Scott to thank you!

In honor of,
For his provocative and inspiring letter of hope, determination and resilience. Thanks for your courage and support! -Scott Katsura

Dear Scott,
Recently I had the opportunity to browse your website. I was so impressed I wrote an editorial that I hope to be distributing to anyone who will listen. Your music is inspiring and needs to be heard. I've sent the editorial to you. Good luck and thanks!

Tristan's Editorial...

Dear America,
Do you remember the Latin invasion? How about you older folks out there? What was your answer to the question: “Will rap last?” There are many other questions that arise anytime an art form is said to represent an ethnic culture and community including the question: "Will their own community accept and support them?” Given the opportunity to do so, it is a fact that they will, indeed, especially if the art form moves them in a strong way. So you've got to have a good product and the larger the ethnicity and culture you're representing, the more guaranteed support you'll have. Isn't it a wonder then, that the largest ethnicity in the world has only William Hung to show for it in the American recording industry? It's not like thousands of talented and promising Asian American artists aren't trying, but the recording industry has failed them and all of us by judging them based on their ethnic appearance, and terrible lack of confidence in the American public to embrace yet another culture into the great melting pot that makes America the greatest country in the world. So we ask, why? Who is responsible for this terrible exclusion and tragic insult to the American people? Would you believe they're doing it to themselves. Many of the recording industry's top people, the ones who make the 'big decisions' are of Asian descent. They have no confidence in their own culture and no respect for their own community. They have even less respect for the American listening public, thinking them incapable of listening without prejudice. But the greatest insult of all is letting a joke like William Hung and believe me he's popular because it's funny, represent your entire culture and community in the American recording industry. What a shame. So what can America do about this? How can we right this terrible wrong? How do we show the world that we can listen without prejudice? I recently had the opportunity to browse a website for an Asian American recording artist named Scott Katsura ( Not only did I find one of the best websites on the net, I was also treated to an extraordinary musical experience. The site was also impressive, in that it supported other Asian American artists. It also supported humanitarian causes that affect all Americans and people worldwide. I was so moved by the music and the cultural experience that I bought his new album "Aloha Miles Away". If you can't get to Hawaii any time soon this album will take you there whenever you want. I felt like I was on a beach in paradise. The album even has a track that's in Japanese and is absolutely beautiful. Several tracks have hit potential and it is you, America, that needs to decide for yourselves instead of letting the music industry decide for you. With such a talented artist producing culturally significant and quality material that is worth supporting and sharing with the world, are we going to let the American Recording companies tell us that the only Asian American recording artist worth supporting is William Hung? Support Scott Katsura. At least he has something to say and he sounds great singing it.

Tristan Cass
New York City, USA




i n t e r n a t i o n a l


Write to Scott:


What distinguishes Scott Katsura from many others who sing music of Hawaii is his sense of engagement. Instead of treating traditional songs as artifacts, he breathes new life into the music with caressing vocals and original lyrics and melodies. In the main theme song Aloha Miles Away as well as My Hawaii and Flower Lei you can feel the love Scott has for his land, his people and his culture. Scott's engaging, mesmeric voice is a joy, and his ensemble knows how to complement it.
Louis C.


Aloha, I just wanted to let you know that I just heard your song, "Aloha Miles Away" on and it's a great song. I hope to buy your album soon!  Mahalo for the great music!


Congratulations Scott on your award. I have read about you on, and then that prompted me to look everywhere else I can for more information about you.  My mom, Lydia and I will be there for the Hawaiian Music Awards, and we are daily listeners of Aloha Joe. We both are looking forward to meeting you, getting a CD, an autograph, and hopefully you'll have the time to get a picture with us.  Big congratulations for sharing your talent with everyone, and your Aloha spirit shines through in your music. 
Michelle & Lydia
from Colorado Springs, Colorado


Dear Scott, I've never heard a cd with so many great tracks! What a ride. It goes from hip hop to dance to beautiful ballads. Then it rocks you out and then deposits you on a beautiful beach in paradise and then starts all over again. It even gives you the most interesting christmas song I've ever heard. The use of hawaiian language is beautiful and even the japanese song is so cool. Thank you Scott, for trusting the world with your deep emotion, introspective lyrics, and fantastic music!
Peace, D-Groove


Aloha Scott! I listen to your songs at Radio Indy - I like "I Hear You" very, very much. Are you singing about one person in particular or just people in general? Also, I'd like to learn the Shakahula dance! Do you sell an instructional video? If not, you should. Shakahula is a fun song to dance to! Please write me if you can.
Your fan, Heinrich


Hello Scott, I learned about you at Artist Launch. I am a product of divorced parents, recently seperated from my boyfriend and enstranged from my only sibling. Your song "I Hear You" makes me feel like you're talking directly to me! Thanks for the comfort and understanding! Your music inspires me to go on with my head held high! Best wishes and I hope to hear more from you and "Aloha Miles Away". You gotta be strong when your heart is true...
Love and Happiness, Greta


To Scott, I just received my CD the other day. My favorite song is "Caught Up In The Rainbow"!!! It is so beautiful!!! I would love for you to come to Italy and share our beauty too!!! I wish you all the best!!!
Ciao, Ruby


Scott Katsura, I listen to your CD in my headphones at my favorite spot on the beach. Your music is like riding a cool wave! It's a total rush that never ends... Thanks for doing what you do!
AlohaBack2U, Mark


Mr. Scott, I live in L.A. but wish I was living in Hawaii. Your CD takes me there! Mahalo for sharing the ALOOOOOOOOHA!
Peace, Sammy

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