Waianuhea Lourdes Rodriguez




Waianuhea's Favorites:

1. Flower: Tiare
2. Lei: Orchids
3. Hawaiian Island: Big Island
4. Hawaiian Beach: Waikiki
5. Mexican Beach: Acapulco
6. Hula Song: Flower Lei
7. Hawaiian Song: Lovely Hula Hands
8. Mexican Song: Mexico Lindo y Querido
9. Movie: Disney's (whatever)
10. Food: (American) Burger (Mexican) Sopes (thick tortilla with beans and cheese)
11. Drink: (American) Starbuck Coffee
(Mexican) Atole
12. Dessert: (American) Condensed Milk
(Mexican) Cajeta (burned milk)
13. Animal: Hummingbird
14. Singer: (American) Scott Katsura
(Mexican) Alejandro Fernández
15. Hobbie: Be with my family
16. Color: Purple
17. Role Model: (Mexican) Rebeca de Alba
18. Quote or Poem: "Some people ask Why? Some people say Why not?
19. Scott Katsura Song: Flower Lei

Tahiti Fete 2008 - Hilo, Hawai'i

Waianuhea's Hula Hands:
More than a beautiful hula dancer, she is an 'Ambassador of Aloha' in her homeland of Mexico City, spreading the 'Spirit of Aloha' while perpetuating the Hawaiian Culture.

Visit Waianuhea's Website: Ballet Polinesio

Waianuhea Lourdes Rodriguez was crowned as the 'Miss Lovely Hula Hands' international winner for hula dancing and choreography. Beyond the talents that won her the competition, Waianuhea is also a kumu hula teacher to hundreds of students in her halau, Ballet Polenesio De Lourdes Rodriguez. Together, they have performed in and out of their country doing showcases and competitions. Ballet Polenesio is an award winning halau, winning first place in major events like the Tahiti Fete, conducted on the Big Island of Hawai'i. As a celebrity in her own country, Waianuhea has appeared and performed on many top television, radio and media publications, giving her the maximum exposure in showcasing her passion for the dance of hula, Polynesia and the Hawaiian Culture.

Lulu, as her friends and family call her, was born and raised in Mexico with a special passion and interest in the Hawaiian culture and hula dancing. According to Lulu, "Ever since I was a little child, I was always fascinated with Hawai'i and the hula dancing that I saw". As to her feelings about Hawai'i, she says, "I feel like I was born in Hawai'i, and when the flying stork was delivering babies, he dropped me off in Mexico!" She followed her heart and has become one of the most popular and respected Polynesian Culture and hula teacher in Mexico.

At home, Lulu is a wife, a mother of a beautiful daughter, and the middle child between two sisters. She maintains closely-knitted ties with her Mom, Dad and extended relatives. Her most special moments are spent with her daughter, enjoying life together.

Recently, Waianuhea has produced and directed Scott Katsura's 'Mucho Aloha Concierto' in Mexico City. It was conducted at the famous San Benito Abad Theater, featuring over one-hundred dancers and musicians. The concert was broadcast on PCTV in Mexico, as well, will be broadcast in the United States.

Currently, Lulu is continuing to perform in major dance events and showcases. She plans to share with the world her God-gifted talents, presenting with love and passion, her hula and dance choreography. In addition, Waianuhea will continue to share the journey of 'Aloha' with Scott Katsura as 'Miss Lovely Hula Hands'. Congratulations Waianuhea for carrying the torch of love, with the true spirit (and meaning) of Aloha! We love you, the world loves you!

Waianuhea Speaks:

1. How did you begin your journey of the hula? I take my first hula class when I was 11 years old, and since this moment I was charmed by it’s magic.

2. When did you first see hula dancing?
When I was 17 years old I saw the real Hawaiian dancing, and I was so impressed, since this moment I knew there was a lot to learn and feel.

3. Are you inspired by any hula teachers? My inspiration for hula had been taken by several teachers, they had share with me so much and they are Ms. Alvarez, Méndez, Novelo, Ayala and my Hawaiian Kumus had been Auntie Pat Namaka Bacon (Mary Kawena Pukui’s daughter), Ray Kahikilaulai Fonseca, Pa Mai Tenn and Mel Lantaka. All of them had shared with me all their Aloha, and in Tahitian dance Makau Foster. There are so much more Hawaiian teachers in my hula life, but they are the ones that had been so close to me.

4. Why do you love Hawai’i so much?
When I learn my first hula dance, I found my own personal identity, I could feel my own way of think, so dream about visiting the place where all of this inspiration comes from, so when I had been there, I
can’t stop thinking, how marvellous could be the native life there and their great love for life and nature!

5. Why do Mexicans love Hawai’i and the hula dancing so much? Definitevely the Hawaiian Culture are so similar to Aztec Culture, Mexicans feel a great identify in our roots, before the Spanish Conquer our lands we pray for several Gods, we offer rituals to them, the music, outfits and so much more are so similar to the Hawaiian culture, so there is a great identification between two cultures.

6. How many hula students do you have? My Ohana are about 150 students.

7. Beyond dancing, what is important to teach them about Hawaiian culture? The ALOHA meaning is the most important thing that my students should learn, so if they understand the meaning of Aloha they could understand the meaning of Ohana, if they understand Ohana, they could understand the meaning of Halau, and if they know what is Halau, surely they could feel the Hula.

8. What was your most memorable performance? Dancing “Flower Lei” at the beach.

9. What makes you most proud of your hula accomplishments? Winning “Miss Lovely Hula Hands” remembers me that
besides a teacher I am also in love hula dancer.

10. What made you decide to enter the Miss Lovely Hula Hands contest? I really love to choreograph, so this was a beauty
opportunity to share with someone else my love for hula and my way of feel besides my students.

11. How did you feel when you won first place for Miss Lovely Hula Hands? Wow, when I was mentioned as one of the 6 semi-finalists, I was pleased with that, but when I was mentioned as Winner, it was a dream come true.

12. How would you describe Scott Katsura as a personal friend? Scott Katsura is a great person, he always take care of people who needs help, and their friends are as his Ohana (family), he has a great heart.

13. How would you describe Scott Katsura’s music? Scott Katsura music is magic for your ears and for your mind and soul.

14. What is your favorite hula choreography to perform? Scott Katsura’s “Flower Lei”

15. What is your hula dancing plans for the future in Mexico? I want to seed my hula grain in Mexico and that it grows so much as if we were in Hawai'i.

16. What are your future plans in your personal life? Always being a good mother for my daughter Tiare, being near my family and continue dancing hula forever the way it could be.

17. What is the most important thing in your life? My family at home and my Ohana at Halau!

18. Where do you find your inspiration to choreograph and produce shows? After dancing and dancing beautiful hula choreographies, when I listened unknown songs, I instinctively improvised my dance, then I was inspired by Auntie Namaka Bacon to make a choreograph; so then I felt the necessity to create a performance to show the work of my students in a great stage.

19. Do you have a specific goal with your hula dancing and choreography? My only dream is continue sharing my hula with hula lovers!

20. Who were your hula teachers and what did you learn from them? All my Mexican teachers show me the love and respect for the Polynesian culture, so Mahalo nui loa to Ms. Alvarez, Méndez, Novelo and Ayala!

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