Life is truly in rhythm, especially when I'm granted the rare opportunity of working with a very special family member. BJ SABATE, my amazingly talented, passionate and good-hearted cousin who lives in Hawaii is an exception to the rule.

BJ is breaking the laws of gravity with his Butigroove company. His clothing line, graphic designs, merchandise and intuitive business tactics are all driven by the true 'Spirit of Aloha'. Personally, I connect to BJ for his good family values; importance of unity; sharing sincerely and helping others from the heart. That is real success to me.

As I've traveled the world wearing various Butigroove garments, I am frequently approached with compliments from all types of people. It shows the universal appeal that BJ is projecting through his work.

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It's All About Heart

Butigroove is the only musically driven clothing line in Hawaii. Everyone is born with a natural rhythm keeper --our heart.
The red dots symbolize the chambers of our the womb for months all we hear is our mother's heartbeat..and we are born into a world of rhythm...the seasons, the tides, the beautiful mother nature. So turn it up and boogie down with butigroove!

Butigroove was created as a musically driven clothing line in 2000. Their mission is to create a clothing label that represents a positive movement influenced by all things musical. Everyone is born with a natural rhythm keeper: our heart. The two red dots symbolize the chambers of our heart, which is the rawest form of music. Surrounded by too many surf brands, they wanted to create a clothing company not directly related to surfing, something rooted in Hawaii, but able to relate to all walks of life.

Where did the word Butigroove come from?
Butigroove evolved from the word 'beauty.' The first design produced was a womens camisole tank that read 'Have a Buti-ful Day!' backwards, intended to be worn at night as a pajama. In the morning you would be able to read 'Have a Buti-ful Day!' and start the day right.

Why is it spelled 'B-u-t-i'?
Founder Bj Sabate was in art school in Seattle, Washington, talking to a classmate from Japan about Hawaii. His classmate said Hawaii is so 'Buti' 'ful' with his strong Japanese accent. From the pronunciation, the spelling b-u-t-i was visualized and that's how it all started.

Does it mean 'booty' like 'ass'?
No. But it can if you want it to. The best part about Butigroove is that it's not in the dictionary, doesn't have a definite meaning, and one can interpret it in their own way.

How can I be a Butigroove model?
Send us your photos and contact info and we'll get back to you. You must be over 18!

Where is Butigroove headquarters and who owns it?
Butigroove headquarters is located in Hawaii at 500 A Piikoi Street in Honolulu. Butigroove was founded by Bj Sabate in 2000 and is currently distributed worldwide.

Can I submit any artwork for shirt designs?
Yes, please send inquiries to with contact info.

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